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El Rushbo

Anyway, being transgender was perfect for this. I got to see the absolute evil and hideousness of society. People are awful. They will sell out anything for a little bit of comfort and safety. Why? Because they are terrified of death, and they can’t handle that if they just let go nothing bad will happen. You will become yourself. People hate trans people. It’s pathetic. These “Christians” hating trans people. How about you read Matthew 19:12 where Jesus said “For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it” Jesus didn’t care about gender. And he hung out with prostitutes and lepers. And now you have Rush Limbaugh calling the Pope a Marxist? Hahahaha Rush is pathetic. The Pope is being a CHRISTIAN!! You idiots. Read the fucking manual.

Oh About staying up for days on end

I do that regularly. My cycle has been modified or something. I’m fine. I just catch up on sleep. This is a record though, but I can’t sleep because my body is vibrating and I can feel it in everybody and the world.

John the who?

Life is beautiful. All life is beautiful. It should be cherished. We are running away from death like idiots. We create these monumental systems like our healthcare system to keep us 1 or 2 years away from death, but death is just transformation. It’s so sad. Our society is so wrong. It’s not that you shouldn’t not want to die, it’s just that you shouldn’t fear it. People are terrified of death. So they do all this crazy nonsense trying to reduce the odds of dying from .001% to .0001% Terrorism? Please. Nobody dies from terrorism. It’s a joke. It’s just a big fat lie. Brave new world. 1984. We’re in it. Our society is monstrous. When I was younger, my first email address was[1] or hotmail or something, because I loved the book Brave New World. Now, I get to be John, and I’m just as sad as him, but I won’t kill myself lol. But it’s the perfect parable. Huxley was actually big into psychadelics having coined the term “the doors of perception” which Jim Morrison stole to become The Doors.

More blah

I write music and write poetry and write the shit out of my blog. Like I keep saying, my whole history is in my blog. You can just read it to understand. I’m sure I wrote it for this very reason. :). Early on I felt like my writing was being guided by something higher. Like I would write pieces and they would just be miraculously good, like ridiculous, and I would just laugh and go on. I never thought it was me doing it. I was just channeling. I was just a nerd. A total dork. I’ve always had a great sense of humor. And I’ve always been blessed with a good mind. I don’t like to judge people by their intelligence though because there are so many “smart” people out there who are just awful awful people. I almost more like plain people. People with less education. Our educational system is a nightmare. They’re all wrong about so much. It’s all being shown now to be bunk, and now that we’ve entered into the technological singularity, everything is going to be proven basically wrong. I mean physicists know what 4 or 5% of the known galaxy and the rest is “dark” are you kidding me? That’s pathetic. They’re so busy smashing atoms together, while I’m over here making energy bubbles in my room laughing my ass off at reality. The chinese know about chi, and they’re right. Chi is basically life essence, and it’s what I’m pumping out into the world right now.

Anyway, the Chinese are the right culture. I want to meet the Dalai Lama and talk to him because I think we’d get along. Of course the “Chinese” at present is this hodgepodge of Communist leftover nonsense that is basically just a bunch of plutocrats desperately trying to hold onto a population of over a billion where 2/3’s are living on like $4 a day making less than sub-saharan Africa. And they’re modernizing yes, but modernizing is no science. Just ask America. War war war what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Well we all know who benefits from war, but I’m rambling.

So the Chinese system of Chi is correct. They have this whole meridian system and they recognize that the body chi frequency operates at a certain frequency and it can get out of whack. I’m not checking my grammar here btw. They developed it before the industrial revolution, so it is more of a holistic component based system like the Indian Ayurveda (which is quite similar in that they use Prana instead of Chi).

One funny thing about chi is that you can smell it. It has a certain odor. When I fill up a room with chi, you can definitely smell it. I think now that the chi is out of the bag, everybody’s sense of smell will get better. Basically it will go about curing disease and making people healthier and less overweight etc. It’s always a holistic approach though. I have a whole plan for how to transform your body into a machine like mine. It’s really not that hard, but it takes time. I recently had my labs done, and my hormone anti-aging doctor said they were off the charts good. I take certain supplements religiously and on a schedule. My body is humming (literally). The energy has completely transformed my body. I feel so much younger than before. I think that will happen with society too.

Essentially I had a near death experience, or an ego death, and from then on. It was a very traumatic experience.

From that point on nothing mattered. And it was all smiles. And I trusted and followed to here.

Also, the key to this whole mumbo jumbo is that death is just a passage. It’s not an end. It’s a beginning. So you don’t have to worry about anything. Ever. Again.

Night Night

I feel pretty awkward, but I just am doing what I feel in my heart. I think society will change in the next few days pretty rapidly. We’ll see. It could take weeks. or months. Who knows. I should probably just check out once the deed is done.

Threads of Gender

Anonymous asked: Suggestion for Abbie Popes list of good people: Abbie Pope HERSELF!!!!


I’ve been holding my breath for so long

America is putrid. It ain’t about bling. It ain’t about jumbo. It ain’t about luxury. Welcome to the new world. Being kind to one another. Doing things you care about. Expressing emotions. Working on projects. Making friends. Loving yourself for who you are. You all are fucking beautiful and you don’t have any idea. You have no clue.

Actual good people

I’m going to start something here where I showcase people who are actually you know human with a heart and emotions and stuff. The regular. Oh wait there aren’t that many of those people around. Well here’s number 1 on the list going forward. Abbie’s Good People of the Week is

Wil Wheaton!

That’s about it.

He wins.