i die in the end

Christmas in America

Drink this in remembrance of me
said Christmas in America
and overstepping bums like trash
who need and want and die like ash
is can you spare a dollar past
for Christmas in America

oh Jesus, Jesus! come and vent
let all the children feebly rent
what little left has not been spent
and huddle round the cindered tent

but oh oh the mistletoe
it’s 6am in the ghetto show
make sure the fuzz can’t hear your woe
for Christmas in America

can another die?
well jail is full, so bullets fly
but who really cares
he was probably high

so what’s around the Christmas tree?
the sparkled drenched nativity?
where Jesus mangered sinned for thee?
a little bit of pity rots
and all the bums back in their cots
slurring drink this in remembrance of me