I’m tired of the transgender community, and I want a change

I try and be respectful, but there are times when I am just inordinately moved to disgust. The transgender community is rife with infighting and derision, and I don’t feel welcome in my own land. Where else can I go as a transgender woman? There is no other place. I am stuck with you.

I tried to write my thoughts about Leelah Alcorn, and I thought I did so with control, patience, and precision. And yet, my post on Reddit gets downvoted. What the fuck kind of community do we have? None. That’s what I say. You transgender people are too quick to strike out in anger, and you strike those that seek to help your cause. I am a hard-working, suffering, and thinking woman who wants to make a difference in our world, and I am cannibalized with downvotes on Reddit /r/transgender for posting my thoughts? Seriously what the fuck?!

It’s time to grow up. Let our people speak their minds without the threat of being trampled. We need a fucking welcoming community, and we do not have that. We all know that we are the refuse of society, so we must be welcoming to whomever comes our way. We need to end this atmosphere of hatred and suspicion.

We need change, and change starts with us.