Be yourself, everyone else is already taken - Oscar wilde

Girls with black veins and sleepy June weeks

I’ve been asleep most every day this week this year
And he’s been in me like the years within the lifetime
And we’ve been she and they’ve been laughing
Let’s wander to the kitchen eating Ice Cream from the microwave
And look upon creation’s calloused lawn
to see what emptiness is there in trembling green
I’ve had a friend or two this year, but they are gone
We’ve had a lonely lunch beneath the trees at dawn
Thinking about kicking habits and trying to be free

But heroin needles don’t remove from veins so easy
Like masculine facial hairs I try to zap away
She’s found another four hours of relief
And I’ve another four to count the ticks on clocks
But I can’t have her because she’s gone at 23
And I’m an old, too wise, overripe banana
With people lamenting my brown spots in sadness
We met in a hospital this doe and I
Everything was different then because of the locked doors
Now there are no locks and we are free
To wander lost apart, aimlessly

She’s too old, and I’m too young
I’ve left the prison yard
and she looks through the fence as I leave
Maybe some day in decades from here
I’ll see a youngish girl with no bruised veins
And a happy, goofy smile
With an impossibly silly hat
Cussing at sailors and exploding the world with her fists
Maybe…maybe I will