The World is changing one thread at a time

Because I’ve followed the instincts of my own sacred spirit and listened to its suggestions, I’ve seen lights and rainbows that 95% of you haven’t seen.

It’s not magic. It’s the ancient, sacred, spirit self that moderns fear like the “Devil.” You’ve been lied to time and again. I started speaking the truth, and society covered my children’s ears in terror and banished me from their presence. What terrible phrases did I utter? Things like “love and forgiveness can heal any troubled heart” and “follow your inner heart-voice despite what society tells you” and “wear the clothes YOU want to wear” and “be happy about what makes YOU happy.”

Yep, I’m a real threat. Look out! Abbie’s coming! Hold up your crosses in terror!

Watch me roll my eyes and then get back to dancing my happy life away.