Threads of Gender

I want the average transgirl to feel at home here. I didn’t have that when I was still in the cocoon, and I think it’s what every one of us needs at some point. Have peace and relax

How minorities like transgender people are kept down by society

Hey readers! So just a quick word of advice. The oldest trick in the book to keeping minorities marginalized and disempowered is thus: 1. make things so hard on the minority group by tripping them up and sabotaging them that they 2. lose their calm and composure out of frustration and anger then 3. call them inherently crazy for what they have “chosen” as a lifestyle. It’s really quite obvious. When you hate a group but they refuse to bow in obeisance, just start laying tripwires and booby traps and then watch em fail. 

I think back to the Jackie Robinson problem. He and/or his teammates and managers knew that people were so ready to see the “negros” fail and live up to the stereotypes of the day. They said they were an emotional people without the composure to be “civilized.” So, Jackie had to walk the highest tightrope he could find, stoic and calm, as epithets and slanders and physical objects were hurled in his direction. He made it through, and the rest is history. He took an emotional beating doing this, and some think it shortened his career. It’s a sad reality, but there is so much visceral hatred for groups that have been maligned and marginalized, that often there is no other approach that works.

The best way to make this upright, prideful walk through the gauntlet of hatred and adversity is to find the hand of a friend or peer or ally, smile a lot, dust yourself off when you fall, and keep on a’walkin. We shall overcome.

I’ve got a free hand. Any takers?