The World is changing one thread at a time

How to Change the World When it Feels Like Nothing is Working

So Gay or Equal Marriage is picking up steam and looks like it’s going to become the status quo soon. The idea that gay marriage is now accepted in America is amazing, but it most definitely ain’t everything in this fight. We still have some Gordian cultural knots to undo. How about something I’m familiar with like custody rights for transgender people? LGBTQ adoption? LGBTQ job security? How about the inherent patriarchal and misogynistic imperative in marriage itself? How about the fact that black people live third world lives in America? How about the prison-industrial Jim Crow 2.0 complex? How about the crime against humanity: the Drug War?

If you want to change one part of society, you have to change all of society. It is one big interlocking machine where all parts are connected. They tell us that Utopian thinking is harmful, and we’ll just end up with another Soviet Union or Maoist China. I’m no fool; those corrupt regimes murdered countless millions of people. Well, guess what? So did the United States in North America. Well, unless you think the Redskins, Braves, Indians, or whatever caricature name you want to call them are even people at all. Let’s ask Chief Wahoo! or Chief Noc-A-Homa what they think:


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Because I’ve followed the instincts of my own sacred spirit and listened to its suggestions, I’ve seen lights and rainbows that 95% of you haven’t seen.

It’s not magic. It’s the ancient, sacred, spirit self that moderns fear like the “Devil.” You’ve been lied to time and again. I started speaking the truth, and society covered my children’s ears in terror and banished me from their presence. What terrible phrases did I utter? Things like “love and forgiveness can heal any troubled heart” and “follow your inner heart-voice despite what society tells you” and “wear the clothes YOU want to wear” and “be happy about what makes YOU happy.”

Yep, I’m a real threat. Look out! Abbie’s coming! Hold up your crosses in terror!

Watch me roll my eyes and then get back to dancing my happy life away.

Fast Go the Panicky People

   I’ve actually found some calm lately. I’ve been through the ringer over the last few years. I’ve had everything stripped from me. I’ve been berated in court. I’ve been called a freak. Nothing really shocks me at this point. And you know what? I’m glad it doesn’t. The nutter butters who yelled at me thinking they’d break me just worked me into emotional shape for what’s to come. If you put your ear to the ground like the natives used to do, you can just faintly hear a sound building in volume.

   The crash won’t come slowly. It will build slowly at first yes, but then it will pick up speed and start to crescendo until it starts to sound like an alarm trapped in a basement. The noise will be deafening, but people won’t panic just yet. They’ve been conditioned for this. Those in power are counting on it. They’ve been measuring our reactions after each of the manufactured tragedies that have come out in recent years.

   In somewhere like LA, the crash will be pretty harsh. LA is utterly dependent on tiny little capillaries of food and water. They maybe have a week’s worth of reserve if that. And people don’t have easy ways of leaving LA, so they’ll all just be stuck on the freeways with nothing but their useless cars.

   It won’t happen in one big crash. Things don’t happen like that. There are resistance shocks. People don’t give up and freak out right away. They have egos to protect. Some people will panic, and the rest will look at them and laugh when things settle down a little bit. “Wow you looked stupid!” they’ll say.

   But if you look at the long term trend, it’s pretty easy to see that society wants to see how bad things can get. In America, we do things big, so if it’s disaster, it’s gotta be the biggest, best damn disaster the world has ever seen.

   It’s very easy to blame one side or the other for the situation, but it’s intellectually bankrupt to do so. Blame comes from all over the place, not just one ideology. All of western ideologies have shown to be fragile or at least to have their weaknesses. Western society is very good at creating technology to counteract the fact that we are not good at being intuitive and spiritual. We beat the natives back in America with guns against their arrows, but remember, we’ve only been here for about 500 years at most. They’ve been here for over 10,000 years. Our technique might work in the short term, but in the long term it has definite drawbacks.

    Westerners are very good at “the big show.” We know how to look impressive even when we’re not. We just sell out our future to cover our present. We do this and we wonder why the kids are selling out their futures to get high in the present as if they just conjured this kind of behavior out of thin air.

   I’ve learned a few things in surviving as a transgender woman in America. I’ve learned that you have to set up excellent boundaries if you want to live your life in a comfortable state. You can survive without good boundaries, but that’s all you’ll be doing. It’s not “the strong survive,” it’s “the strong live, and the weak survive.”

   So, if you want to keep your head screwed on straight for now, I’d advise you to stop worrying about the news. You know what they’re going to say. It’s panic this and panic that. Fear is about the only thing that Americans make with pride these days. We make the best damn fear in the world, thank you very much.

   Have peace all.